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WJJZ Becomes Philly’s 106.1

1061wjjz.png phillys1061.png

August 10, 2006 will go down as one of the most historical days in Philadelphia radio history. At Noon, Clear Channel blew up the formats of two of their five FM stations simultaneously.

While Sunny 104.5 was ditching its Gold based AC format, Smooth Jazz was disappearing from 106.1 after a successful 13 year run. The demise of WJJZ, which was made to create a format to support Whoopie Goldberg’s syndicated morning show. Following a euology of the station by Program Director Michael Tozzi, and Daryl Hall’s “She’s Gone” the Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started” kicked off “Philly’s 106.1” and its shadowcast at 104.5.

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  1. Classy way to go from a classy station.

    I was a huge fan of WEGX, which preceded WJJZ, but I always thought that JJZ was solid and professional. Not a huge smooth Jazz person myself, but JJZ was radio done right, and leaves a void that will be hard to fill.

  2. like many ..i do not like the new format of wjjz, smooth jazz was the best and of the highest quaility.I have been left with little options ,101.9 NY is ok but not Philly and not Mark Tozzi. All thoses interested, I heard smooth jazz is being being set up at 97.5 With Mark , all by popular demand.thank you someone who cares!!! certainly Clearwater screwed up this format change, and who cares about whoopie..a true jazz fan….


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