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New York

101.1 WCBS-FM Returns

101.1 Jack-FM WCBS-FM New York 101.1 WCBS-FM New York

When Dan Mason returned as President of CBS Radio in the Spring of 2007, the first thing he did was make it clear that many of the blunders of the past few years needed to be fixed. The “Free-FM” brand was slowly dissolved, leading to the return of K-Rock. San Francisco’s KFRC was relaunched on a new frequency just a few months after that station had dropped its heritage format. All that remained was dealing with that pesky Jack in New York.

On July 12, 2007 at appropriately 1:01pm, Jack shifted over to 101.1’s HD-2 signal and made way for the return of a slightly modified WCBS-FM. Dan Taylor and Bob Shannon were brought back, but were joined by newcomers Broadway Bill Lee, Joe Causi and more 80’s music.

Note: This is quite long, running at almost 27 minutes, but well worth it. Features the end of Jack, complete CBS-FM musical timeline and the first few jock breaks.

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  1. WOW! – this is GREAT!!


  2. Yeah! I’m not even an oldies fan … but this sign on gives me hope! Radio has a future!

  3. Welcome back WCBS! Oldies radio was greatly missed in New York!

    I’m 30 something and I love WCBS!

    Thanks also for bringing back radio personalities! Much apreciated!

  4. I can’t help but listen again to this clip… and supposedly I’m not to appreciate the “greatest hits” they play? I’m just eighteen and I’m falling in love all over again.

    And I don’t live in New York at that… nor in the US! Half the world away, I must say.

    Amen to WCBS-FM. Listening online every time I get to now.

  5. It is indeed great to hear that this New York institution is back on the air after having being “Jacked” for 2 long years. Welcome back, WCBS. I may be in Montreal, Canada, but I’ve been a fan all the while. To mark this joyous occasion, I have prepared a short poem. Enjoy!

    ‘Twas the day of June 3rd,
    And all through the station

    Everyone in attendance
    Was in a state of elation.

    Mickey Dolenz was celebrating
    His 100th show

    But right after that,
    Who knew where he’d go?

    Everything was normal
    Until 4 PM

    Bill Brown made an announcement
    That signaled the end.

    “Rescue me!” he proclaimed
    In an alarmed-sounding tone

    And right after that,
    He was left all alone.

    A meeting was held,
    And all were told

    Of something unexpected
    That was about to unfold.

    They were changing the format
    After thirty-three years

    It was this that attributed
    To everyone’s fears.

    “Why are you doing this?” was the question
    That hung in the air

    But the all-powerful GM,
    He just didn’t care.

    The format flip
    Was a business decision

    And just after that,
    They made the incision.

    At 4 they went jockless
    For the next half an hour

    While the new format
    Was gaining its power.

    4:30 PM
    Brought about some stunting

    While at Yankee Stadium
    The home team was bunting.

    At 5 PM the last
    Legal ID was played

    And then to rest
    CBS-FM was laid.

    What happened next
    Occurred with a crack

    Because 101’s new format
    Was something called Jack.

    The fan base was seething
    With anger and rage

    Why was this Jack thing invading
    The CBS stage?

    The hatred was evident
    From the loyal fan base

    This sudden change in formats
    Was a serious case.

    Even New York’s mayor,
    Mr. Michael Bloomberg

    Detested this change
    And made himself heard.

    The Jack staff ignored
    The public’s reaction

    They kept playing variety hits
    Without the slightest distraction.

    Jack FM was formatted
    Just like those iPods

    But all of the CBS DJs
    Were now without jobs.

    “Change is good,”
    The Jack staff said

    But NYC needed Jack
    Like a hole in the head.

    The Jack format continued
    For two long years

    They played lots of music
    But no Britney Spears.

    New Yorkers needed
    Their classic hits fix

    And then, one fine day,
    They changed the mix.

    CBS Radio
    Got a new GM

    Who promised to put an end
    To all the mayhem.

    He finally decided,
    After 769 long days

    That 101 FM and Jack
    Would have to part ways.

    In 2007,
    On the 12th of July

    Everyone gathered
    To bid Jack goodbye.

    It all occurred
    At 1:01 PM

    CBS-FM was back
    On the air once again.

    CBS Radio had realized
    Their errors of the past

    And this time, they hoped
    The oldies would last.

    Yes, the oldies were back
    And the air was alive

    With some great classic hits
    From ’64 to ’85.

    All were rejoicing
    And who could blame them?

    Their station had returned
    Right there and then.

    It was indeed great
    To have WCBS back

    And the airstaff did say,
    “Hit the road, Jack!”

    The celebrations continued
    Without further ado

    Whilst Jack FM was jettisoned
    To HD2.

    And all around the room
    The champagne did pour

    Because the format called Jack
    Had been shown the door.

    Is here to stay

    And all the best classic hits
    They’ll continue to play.

    There’s a lesson to be learned
    From this situation

    Don’t mess with great things;
    It causes irritation.

    And now I can say
    Without any fright

    Happy listening to all;
    We’ve won the good fight!


  6. It’s great that cbs-fm,is back in NYC,with the great music again!You were definitely missed! It’s also nice to hear the familiar dj’s,Dan Taylor& Bob Shanon,as well as Broadway Bill Lee,and Joe Causi too!

  7. Awesome transition. Was it a coincidence that Jack FM played “Don’t dream it’s over” as their last song (and is there any reason that song shouldn’t be played on the “new” WCBS)?

    Now we just need the real WNEW to be resurrected. I think 102.7 has undergone about 47 format changes since dropping the classic AOR format.

  8. The Poem has said much
    with all things that became such,

    But in a way it seemed so astray
    though we all prayed, we new,

    that CBS FM would come
    home one day.

  9. I couldn`t be happier.I`ve been a fan since the 70`s when I lived in Flatbush,Brooklyn.I moved to Florida & couldn`t get you.Came here to Georgia & finally found you guys on the net.I feel like I`ve been vaccinated with a phonograph needle.Being from Brooklyn,I`m used to the original “Doo Wop” music.Where can I replace my 20 plus year Tee Shirt from CBS-FM.Mr Jeff Mazzei helped me replace my ol` CBS coffee mug.I`d like to buy a new CBS-FM Tee Shirt.Hope you can help me.Welcome back,not just here but now all over the world.If we could make it to the moon,I knew we`d here CBS-FM again.Everyone that I`ve turned onto CBS thinks you`re the best oldies station out there.Thanks guys & STAY PUT this time.CIAO

  10. Welcome Back wcbs 101.1
    You have been missed.
    I have been a fan since the 70’s.
    When you left the airwaves, I left too.
    Now your back…….me too!
    Now bring back the 50’s and I will really be happy.

  11. There’s this old saying that for every action there’s a REaction. Well, from what I understand, the public outcry and outrage of New Yorkers caused the ratings for Jack FM to plummet!! I know know how they do it but they’ve done it and now WCBS FM is BACK!!! I’m not a New Yorker and I was late about the news but I’m GLAD that CBS FM is back!!! I’m crying tears of joy just writting this!! Now if only WJMK in Chicago switches back to the olides format once again, then I’LL be happy!!

  12. The music on Jack FM isn’t that bad…I listen online and am still impressed at how much of their playlist mirrors my own tastes. I loved the old CBS-FM too, but a lot of people forget that they dropped their 50s music long before the days of Jack, and now some of them are complaining that there’s no 50s music on the new reconstituted CBS-FM. To those talking about the death of Jack…Jack’s not dead at all…just moved to their HD channel and is completely accessible on the Internet. The format is alive and thriving in many other markets, many of the stations have personalities too, but Jack is, and always was, about the music. There’s room for both stations, and in New York…they figured out how to accomplish that.

  13. oh what a time new yorkers had! i’m glad it’s back, with those amazing jam jingles to match! if only we’ve got this for KCBS FM, The oldies format! yeah! KCBS FM, “oldies 93” ruled!

  14. Here’s the old 101.1 Jack FM website that someone obviously forgot to take down after the transition.


    Welcome back CBS-FM.


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